So if you've been checking the site here, you'll notice that I haven't posted any content since about mid-January. Seeing that we are now into April, I realized I owe you, the reader, an update as to what I've been up to over the past few months.

In late January, shortly after I published my last coffee feature, I took a trip to Las Vegas for about three weeks for work. During my time there, I had the opportunity to visit PublicUs a number of times and speak with the staff, including Cole McBride, the current USCC Western Conference winner and last year's USBC 2nd place winner.

I had hoped to get a one on one interview with Cole on his return from the USCC, however, our schedules were unable to align during my time there, so I could not put that article together as I hoped to.

If you haven't already, you can see all the photos I took while visiting PublicUs during my time in Las Vegas here.

PublicUS, Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV

PublicUS, Fremont St. Las Vegas, NV

I returned home to Omaha in mid-February for close to three weeks and was able to drop into all the local coffee shops and catch up with friends and acquaintances there.

During my time home, Omaha Beer Week kicked off in late February and there was a fantastic collaboration that took place this year between Midtown neighboring establishments, Archetype Coffee and Scriptown Brewery featuring six different coffee beers.

Coffee Beer collaboration between Scriptown Brewery and Archetype Coffee for Omaha Beer Week 

The list of coffee beers that were on tap at this event are as follows:

Saratoga Stout blended with Brazil Carmo de Minas
West Farnam blended with Kenya Peaberry
St. Meinrad blended with Costa Rican Golden Honey
402 Lupulus blended with Peru Anaerobic Fermented
Nutjob #1 blended with Costa Rica Finca de Chayote
Nutjob #2 blended with Cascara

If you are in the Omaha area and you missed out on this event, don't fret. Scriptown Brewery has a dedicated "Ups and Downs" tap featuring a coffee beer collab with Archetype on a regular basis.

Lastly, at the beginning of March, I said goodbye to the family and headed out again, this time out of country where I have been for the last month. Because of my current disposition and keeping busy with work over the last few months, I have not been able to post to my Instagram or this website as I would like to and it will continue to be that way for the next few months into the summer.

My plan is, upon returning, to continue writing and sharing my coffee experiences with you all here. I will also continue posting coffee features at that time as I discover new and notable coffees.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to continuing to share more content with you in the future.

-Ben Richardson
Founder & Author