The First Post!

Here we are, the first post! It really has been a leap of faith to even set up this site and get going. Before I begin posting articles, I thought that I would simply address you the reader, and let you know what to expect from this site as it develops in the future.

If you look around the navigation tabs, you will see a number of options. The first page on the site is the "News" page which is where this article currently sits. This page will be where the main content of the site lives and exists. It is here that I will be posting articles based on my interaction with the world of specialty coffee, whether that be new shops I visit, coffees I try, events and information, experiences I have related to coffee, etc.

The second tab is the "About" tab which contains a short bio about me, the author.

The next tab is the "Map of Coffee" tab. This page includes a map I put together of every specialty coffee shop that I have visited since my first introduction to specialty coffee in 2009. This map will continue to be added to and updated as I explore and visit new shops.

The fourth tab is the "Instagram" tab which is quite simply a tab where you can view the latest posts from my instagram feed where I regularly post coffee-related imagery as well as some other things on occasion.

The last tab is the "Contact" tab. This tab will allow you to get in contact with myself if you have any desire to do so. Please utilize this contact method only for professional reasons such as a business proposition or marketing, etc. If you would like to simply say hi or give feedback on the website and its content, you can do so at the bottom of this post and any future post via the comments section below.

Well that about covers the website as it currently stands. I hope this first information post is helpful and informative for those interested in knowing what this site is all about.

Thanks for visiting!