Ben is a coffee enthusiast whose first introduction to specialty coffee was back in 2009 on a trip to Seattle when he first visited Espresso Vivace and Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 
His passion and interest in coffee has been largely influenced by specialty coffee veteran, Tony Serrano, whose coffee shop, Serrano Social Club, served as a daily hangout in his hometown of Modesto, California.

Ben left his hometown in November 2011 to enlist in the United States Air Force as an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst. He attended the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, Ca and is proficient in Persian Farsi and Afghan Dari. He has deployed three times to the middle east in support of Operations FREEDOM'S SENTINEL and INHERENT RESOLVE. He has also deployed twice in support of operations in Europe and Africa.

During his time living on the California Central Coast, he took advantage of nearby Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area and began visiting specialty coffee shops wherever he could in an effort to not only learn more about specialty coffee, but also the people that make up this vast but closely knit community. He has continued the practice of visiting new coffee shops wherever he travels and has now visited over 120 specialty coffee shops.

Ben has previously written as a contributor for Sprudge as well as Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine. In 2016, Ben decided to start his own website, The Filter.Coffee, to begin writing articles and experimenting with the idea of covering news and other information related to the coffee community on his own. At the end of 2016, Ben shifted his focus to building his social media following on his coffee-centered Instagram as a platform for sharing his passion for coffee and attracting readers to The Filter.

In 2018, Ben is launching a coffee podcast that will primarily focus on the people who work in coffee, their stories, and passions that drive them to do what they do. Current guests lined up are individuals such as Mokhtar Alkhansali of Port of Mokha, Jake Miller of Fellow Products, and coffee veteran Tony Serrano. This podcast will be another method of releasing creative content while also providing a conduit to more effectively create continuity between The Filter and his Instagram account.

Ben currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska where he is stationed at Offutt AFB.

Ben has collaborated with the following brands in the past:

Fellow Products
Rocket Espresso
Port of Mokha
Arla Cases